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Filter function names

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    •  EyesX 
    • Can you get the filter function for portfolio projects to use another data tag (or HTML tag) to fetch the current filter name? Lets say you got an ampersand in a filter name, or if you would like to use names with language specific characters, that wont work to well. Either the filter function wont work or you'll have to strip the special characters from the name.

      Ref: http://themeforest.net/item/jets-responsive-html5-template/full_screen_preview/6409649
    •  EyesX 
    • Updated to the latest version of Isotope and made it simpler.
    •  EyesX 
    • I updated it too since I've changed to many things already I didn't want to update the whole template.

      By filter name I mean the names that are given the filter links for filtering the projects, and the display of "Sorted by: *". In a dynamic environment that really affect both the css class and the data attribute. Since the "Sorted by: " is fetching the name set as the data attribute you can't use special characters or ampersands. The best would be if the actual link text was fetched for the display of "Sorted by: ", in other words, separating the humanly readable texts from data attributes.

      My problem is solved as I updated Isotope and streamlined the JS for filtering.
    •  Artem 
    • Hi, yes I've updated to latest Isotope. Can you explain more detail about what filter names you talking about.

      This names



      class="project project-animated illustration photography"

      I would be very glad of your help

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